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Pain reduction is my expertise through trigger point, sports, and deep tissue massage. Let me heal you, regenerate you, and help you recover.


My Expertise

I communicate with clients to identify pain points and
make sure the pressure I use is sufficient for their needs.
My goal for each client’s session is to prevent injuries,
improve their performance in daily activities, and keep
their bodies moving with reduced pain and increased
mobility. I love helping people get off the bench
and stay in the game!


Trigger Point Massage

This technique targets areas of hypersensitivity in a muscle caused by overuse or strain. Trigger Points are small areas of muscles which are contracted or knotted. Usually when direct pressure is applied, the TP feels on the “edge” of good to bad pain. After approximately 10-15 seconds, the pain reduces and dissipates allowing increased circulation to the area to promote healing.


Sports Massage

This technique is used to prepare athlete for peak performance, reducing fatigue and tension, promotes flexibility and prevents injury. It’s usually performed at least 2 days prior to event, or may be post event for pain relief and to flush out toxins.



This technique is a form of deep tissue massage in which therapist uses direct pressure from fingers or elbow with friction to release areas of strain in the muscle. It allows balance between the musculoskeletal and nervous system, reducing pain.


Deep Tissue

This technique is applied to superficial and deep layers of muscles. The focus is on muscles below the top surface muscles to relieve chronic muscle pain and promote healing.

Why Choose Aktivere?

Hello, I am Jennifer Perkins, a licensed Physical Therapy Assistant and licensed Massage and Body Work Therapist. I have worked with Clemson Football for the past 4 seasons with Greenville Swap Rabbit Hockey, which is an honor and pleasure providing healing to top-rated athletes.

I also have provided care for home-bound injured people with various hardships and mobility issues. I have assisted and motivated people to move and become mobible from being wheelchair bound and bed ridden through strengthening, balance, and massage techniques.

I was drawn to manual healing therapy, after breaking my legs in 18 places from an auto accident. Today, I am active in mountain and road biking, hiking, paddle boarding, and skiing, along with weight lifting, all pain-free.

One Hour Massage

Monday - Thursday

9:00 am - 7:00 pm

90 Minute Massage

Monday - Thursday

9:00 am - 7:00 pm

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What people say

See what my clients have to say about Aktivere!

I was having severe pain in my left thigh this summer. Pain level 8 out of 10. Spent 6 weeks bouncing between doctors with xrays and bone scans. Finally called Jennifer. She gave me immediate relief. After just 3 visits the pain is gone.

Janet S

Yes! Jennifer listened before we even got started and worked on my trouble spots with such care and concern. I slept without pain last night and my range of motion had improved tremendously. I’m so thankful for the pain relief. I’ll definitely be back.

Cate Tyson

Whether it’s a sports injury or just in need of a relaxing massage I highly recommend Jennifer for a massage!! She’s thorough and always communicates with you on what you need, areas to concentrate on and how the massage feels.

Brad Porter

I'm a much larger guy and I have always been afraid to get a massage thinking they couldn't possibly relieve my back pain. Jennifer proved me wrong! After an hour-long massage, I left without back pain and I could even stand longer than I could in awhile. I will be recommending Aktivere to everyone I know!

Joshua L

Jennifer is well qualified and solid experience in the field. She knows her stuff and passionate about helping others! 10/10 recommend

Taylor O.

I've tried out a lot of massage therapists over the years, and Jennifer is the most intuitive therapist I've ever seen, by a mile! She zeroes in on the problem spots like no one else, and I felt a tangible reduction in pain after the very first massage. She also quickly puts you at ease and doesn't shortchange you on the amount of time you pay for. Therapy room is lovely and relaxing and overlooks a pond!

Seriously. She's the best. Look no further.

Catherine P.

I am so glad I found Jennifer! I've been active from a very young age in track and had former injuries that left some scars in my tissues and need special care. Jennifer has such a sweet spirit and a serving heart and as she has helped a lot of athletes, I felt she was the right person to go. Now, I just always feel so refreshed and good after an hour session that I'm so excited to come back again. I can definitely tell a difference in my legs each time. Very thankful for her!

Sabrina T.

Jen is amazing. I came in this morning for an appointment, having severe tightness in my trap and neck. Her deep tissue and trigger point therapy is second to none. I have been to many specialists in many states and I’m so happy I have one now in South Carolina. My neck and trap are at ease and my pain is gone!
My fiancé will be coming to see her as well.
I highly recommend.

Courtney P.

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